After 40 years of breeding warmbloods, earning many National awards, we have reduced our breeding program, moving into a full training, teaching, sales and rehabilitation center. Watch for a schedule of our coming dressage camps taught by Iris Eppinger and Erin Brinkman.  We have greatly enjoyed both the breeding and the many, many wonderful customers who have purchased our horses in the past.  Their success in the show ring and superb bonds with their horses have been a delight to share and a personal reward. 

 L to R, Jean Brinkman, Helena Enenkelova,  Paige Williams, Iris Eppinger, Franziska Egidi, Danielle Davis,  Erin Brinkman and Lea Sophie   

L to R, Jean Brinkman, Helena Enenkelova,  Paige Williams, Iris Eppinger, Franziska Egidi, Danielle Davis,  Erin Brinkman and Lea Sophie


We have a lovely group of warmbloods to offer, both our own and from outside breeders.  We are accepting horses in training and importing a few horses.  Other additions are the lovely warmbloods from the breeding program of John Cassel, shown below.   Horses are arriving at various levels of training through third level and are carefully selected to fit our program of excellence.

We also offer a small group of one and two year olds.   This group offers talented, athletic youngsters with both gaits and jumping potential including one excellent stallion prospect.   They are amateur friendly, correctly and kindly raised, introduced to natural horsemanship and well handled.  We can continue to board these youngsters and also start them under saddle after sale if necessary. 

We invite your visit and will take the time to match you with the right horse for your needs.   Matching horse and rider has been my delight and satisfaction.

Price Ranges of the Horses is indicated below - (click to jump to a category)

(PT) - Private Treaty, contact Valhalla
(PR-A):  $7,500 - $15,000
(PR-B):  $15,001 - $30,000
(PR-C):  $30,001 - $50,000

(PR-D):  $50,001 - $150,000


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Please contact us for more information on any of these fine horses!

*new addition*

Summer Reign SEC


Summer is a 16.1h 2013 ATA approved Trakehner mare by Stiletto Pg*E*. Summer is the perfect youngster for an amateur or young rider and excels in both dressage and jumping with a brave personality for a future in eventing. There truly is no limit for this talented mare! Has shown successfully with an amateur rider at training level with scores in the high 60s. Very sweet and loves attention, this girl is ready for her new home! 

Price range: B


*new addition*

Gran Corizan BF

Gran Corizan is a 2011, 16.3h KWPN mare by Richard. She has jumped 1.20m at WEF as well as a eventing at training level. Super easy to the fences, very brave and confident stadium or XC.  Nice on the flat and light in the bridle.  Super amateur horse to 1.20.  She is also showing very good talent and ability for dressage, comfortable to sit, three lovely gaits and again, very amateur friendly and safe.  She hacks very well.

Price range: B




Fairmont is a sweet and personable 2014 Trakehner gelding with solid basics and a desire to please. He has a calm and quiet demeanor but brings all of his effort and energy into his training. He will be a fun partner for a young rider or amateur to bring up the levels in dressage, but has shown talent over fences as well.

Price Range: B



Faelen is truly outstanding in every aspect for a top of the line dressage horse.  His work ethics have been outstanding from day one, his balance and gaits are so impressive, balanced and comfortable.   This one should go to a serious dressage home and start the path to FEI!

Price range: D

              Insouciant "E"
             Hailo Pg*E*
   Fem Fatale
             Fiesta SW

Quiet Reality

Sold:  Congratulations to Petra Roden, Al.

#840047 M120174 12

2012 gray gelding, jumper bred but with exceptional gaits for dressage.  Lots of motion and ability to collect the canter in this one with good lift in the trot.   He is quite talented over fences but working to get a solid dressage foundation and could compete in any field. His gallop is quite suitable for eventing.  


             Quinta Real (KWPN)
   Quintador (West.)
             Laskaja (West)
Quiet Reality
            Santana (Old)
   Rickie Renee NA/WPN
             Amarens KWPN

Classic Conversion

NAS #F110150-032509


2009,  16.1 hands NAS mare with a remarkable jump, schooling over fences and in shows, ready for the winter show circuit.   Her jumper pedigree is outstanding.  Very powerful over fences, and ready to compete with ability for GP.  She has won many classes in schooling shows and  since then competed at Hits Ocala in the 1.20 and 1.30, placing 4th in a 1.20 first recognized show! She has great desire and promise for higher levels, jumping 1.50 at home.  She has clean x-rays,  ready to take an amateur to the highest levels..  Check out her videos below, one at Hits and the other practicing at 1.50 level.



Price Range D

    Sire:   Converter (Old)
Classic Conversion
   Dam:   Sweet Song (AWS)





2013 Trakehner gelding by Incantare. Well started under saddle, forward thinking, very sweet and safe personality making him ideal for junior or adult amateur looking for a young prospect to bring along.  Should mature around 16 hands and be suitable for dressage or eventing.  He has a strong work ethic, brave character, three excellent gaits.   Hacks out very well for a youngster.  Working training/first.


Price range B


Offered by John and Kari Cassel

2009 16.2h dark bay Trakehner mare by Hailo *Pg*E* out of Center Swing xx by Dance Centre xx

Cabela (Ella) has shown first level dressage with excellent scores, taking a year off to produce a gorgeous colt!  She is currently back in work preparing for a dressage career.  (see video from 1st show).

She is very elegant, has 3 excellent  gaits.  She is super sweet and her character and work ethic are willing and kind.  She hacks alone or with others. 

Price Range:  B


2013 Bay Trakehner Mare.  Bred and owned by Christina Potter.

Fei produced one outstanding filly and is now in work and for sale.  She is very straightforward, confident, easy to train and quite outstanding for dressage.  She isvery amateur friendly and brave.  Her gaits are comfortable and ground covering, lots of potential for FEI levels and such fun to train!   She has competed at two recognized shows, winning most of her classes with scores 70% and above.  Ideal brain!


Price Range:  


         E.H. Buddenbrock
         E. H. Hohenstein
     Feodamme v. Krotenbach



Quick Song

2010 NAS Bay Mare

16.1 hands NAS mare bred for jumping!  She is working under saddle very well and securely, great jump, very welling attitude.  Registered with North American Studbook #840047 F110143 10

Quick Song produced an outstanding colt, truly correct nad beautiful and quite tall.   She is now back in work with a great attitude, very suitable for an amatuer for all fields.   With her first outstanding colt on the ground, she has shown her ability to produce excellent conformation and lovely character.

Price Range B

                Quattro B
        Quicksilber (bandenb)  
Quick Song
         Sweet Song



Sister Fly

2NAS 840047 F110145 10

2010,  15.3 hands NAS mare with a kind nature and outstanding jump.  Now working solidly under saddle and over fences, ready for the winter circuit.   She is an an excellent age with outstanding ability to bring along in the jumper field with all the natural talent pictured!    She has shown in 1m classes, light to the aids, sensitive,  with lots of power and energy.  Also would be excellent for eventing.


Price Range A

               Silvio I
        Sir Shutterfly (Hann)
Sister Fly
       Seminole Wind (AWS)
                Flambe (AHHA)


2006 gray mare by Stiletto *Pg*E* out of Arabica by E.H. Marduc

Arisha has produced four lovely foals with outstanding movement and potential for both dressage or jumping.  Arisha had an early injury which may have resolved but we offer her at a brood mare price to be safe.  She is royally bred to produce top competition horses for dressage and jumping.   She foaled a lovely chestnut filly by Lotus in 2018.

Price Range A

            Martini *Pg*E*
      Stiletto *Pg*E* 
           E.H. Marduc
           Arlette III

*New Addition*


2012 gelding by Platinum vom Rappenhof *Pb* out of Lallique by Donaufurst *Ps*E*

This chestnut gelding has three lovely gaits and beautiful conformation for dressage or jumping.     He has lots of ground work, working well under saddle.  He is showing promise over fences for eventing as well, hacks out well..  He has been kind and safe with working students, ready for his forever home.


Price Range B

           Carino *E*
    Platinum v. Rappenhof *Pb* 
           Palma Nigra *E*


2012 Trakehner mare by Stiletto *Pg*E* out of Lily Creek My Secret by Lafayette

This lovely Stiletto mare is bred to be athletic to the extreme, combining the Stiletto *Pg*E* and Sixtus lines (sire of Lafayette)

 Long legged and active in all gaits, comfortable and kind.  She was impeccably started under saddle by Micaela Love and is ready to start a career in dressage.  She offers super work ethics and a brave character, both in work and out hacking.  She loves to connect to her rider, charming in her attitude!  Should mature around 16.2 or 3.

Price Range B

          Martini *Pg*E*
    Stiletto *Pg*E* 
    Lily Creek My Secret
         My Turn to Burn xx





Offered by John Cassel

2012 Dark Brown mare  by Tatendrang out of Franceska by Tanzeln

Will mature 16.2h+

Extremely athletic mare with 3 excellent gaits.  Freia is brave and sweet, well suited for dressage or eventing.  Her sire is currently competing very successfully in eventing.  She is working well under saddle and will be tall and powerful.  She earned high points in her inspection, offering a kind, stable personality and is calm and engaged in her work under saddle. 

Price Range B

                 Onassis *E*
                 Tanzania *E*
Tanzeln *Ps*


SOLD Horses

Quiet Reality:  Congratulations Petra Roden, Al.

Cassius Clay:  

High Lander: Congratulations Andy Bossler Family, Ar

Laius:  Congratulations Pamela Silverman, NC

Wycliff:  Congratulations Janice Beckett, Oh

Filigree:  Congratulations Andrew Palmer, Al

Dashing: Congratulations Maria Maloney, Ks

Leander:  Congratulations Mary Ann Callahan, Fl. 

Helius: Congratulations Sandra Lucas, Fl.

Ayita: Congratulations Jade and Angela Cordon, Ga.

Donnerfurst:   Congratulations Lucinda Dorsey, Pa.

Corinthian:  Congratulations Margaret Rogers, N.C.

Miracle:  Congratulations Misty Caston, Mi.

Flirtatious:  Congratulations Alix Garner, Fl.

Strawhat: Congratulations Vonna Reed, Tn.

Luscious:  Congratulations Jennifer Rodriguez, Fl. 

Dabella: Congratulations Denise Reeder, Fl.

Finali - Congratulations to Charlotte Crowe, Alabama

Ivana - Congratulations to Kitty & Todd Tyrie, SC

Montero V: Congratulations to Tiffany Patterson, Tx.

Ammanda: Congratulations to Billie Ann Franchella, Fl.

Imminence: Congratulations to Terrie Emilson, Fl.

Primavera: Congratulations to Peggy Simon, NH

Lallique: Congratulations to Jean Thornton, Fl.

Nina: Congratulations to Chris Warren, Fl.

Bikkel: Congratulations to Mike McCormick, Tx

Finery: Congratulations Terrie Emilson, Fl

Redford: Congratulations to Stacey Porter, IA


Kiera: Congratulations to Cheryl Youngman

Le'Dancer: Congratulations to Jeanne Rennick, Mn

Legatee: Congratulations Chris Cox, Fl

El Rouge: Congratulations Dayle Hollenger, Ga.

Sami Sawyer: Congratulations Janis Hammond, Az

Callaghan: Congratulations Nancy Bright

Zafiro Dos Cedros: Congratulations to Amy Bresky of NC

Wannabee: Congratulations to Monica White, Ok.

Insightful: Congratulations to Jacqueline Beckner, CAN

Infürst: Congratulations to Michelle Parkinson, Al

Adeline: Congratulations Linda Sjoman, BC, Can

First Wish: Congratulations Betty Wise, Mt

Azucena: Congratulations to Suzanne K.B. Fraser, Vt.

Hallmarc: Congratulations Madeleine Bolsen, Fl

Adella: Congratulations Julia Toscano, Ga

Whippet: Congratulations Scarlett Fahrenson, AZ

Kite: Congratulations Sandy Baker, BC, Can

Lofty: Congratulations, Marian McDonald, Pa

Felicity: Congratulations to Talia Forcina, GA

Majical: Congratulations to Lauren Gold, PA  

Honorbound: Congratulations Stefanie Sobol, WV

Wassail: Congratulations to Kimmie Taylor, Fl

LeAviator:  Congratulations to Taryn Kean, Fl.

Felisha: Congratulations to Amy Bowers, Co.

Fetching: Congratulations to Roberta Goodman, TN

Fantasee: Congratulations to Lance Atkinson, Fl

Ice Device: Congratulations Marsha Sapp, Fl

Fayme: Congratulations to Allison Ross, Ga.

Ammour: Congratulations to Liza Manual, SC

Shambala SDF:  Congratulations to Richard Hunt, Tx.

Wycliffe:  Congratulations to Tish Fricks, Ga.

Feuerfee: Congratulations to Ann Manual, SC

Improv: Congratulations to Shana Ross, Fl.

Ilori:  Congratulations to Sandra Edgar, Fl

Lusiana:  Congratulations to Minna Greco, NJ

Arella: Congratulations to Mary Glissman-Paul, Fl.

HerzenfürstCongratulation to Erin Brinkman, Fl

Isabeau:  Congratulations Dolores Khorramabadi, Al

Femi: Congratulations to Frederick and Margaret Neesemann, Fl.

Walk on Air:  Congratulations to Vonna Read, Tx

InspiritCongratulations to Linda Sjoman, Canada

HILIFE: Congratulations to J. David Pearce, IL

Feivel: Congratulations to Julie Hill, Ga.

Fenwick: Congratulations to Ann Buchanan, Ky.

Kosmisch: Congratulations to Rita Boehm, MD

Falcor:  Congratulations: Jessica Ebert Eldmann, VT

Fulcrum: Congratulations to Mary Dawson, AL

Quartz 5

Indelible, newly approved stallion: Congratulations to JennaGardner, Fl

Aurra *Ps*:  Congratulations to Anne Macguire, Wy

Lucas Canto:  Congratulations to Amanda Paris, NCAmmador Congratulations to Julie Hill, Ga.

Paradieren Congratulations to Steve Marsee, Fl

Wyanet, Denise Moore, Tx

Belle Esprit:  Nancy Holland, Tenn.

Fianna:  Dana Clark, Ga

Harmonic:  Jacqueline Beckner, Canada

Prema:  Noelle McGill, Ky

Arella:  Chris Kellog, Fl

West Broadway:  Allison Bird, SC

Intriguing: Stephanie Svatek, Tx

Rappe Star: Connie Kempter, Canada

Moya:  Allison Eversol, SC

Lilac Moon: Cathy Hall, Tenn

Imagin:  Lance Atkinson: Ga